WW2 German Small Arms.
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WW2 German Small Arms

From top left, Walther PPK Pistole, PO8 Luger Pistole, Walther P38 Pistole

M24 Stielhandgranate, M39 Eihanfgranate, K98 Karabiner

Gewehr 43, MP40 Machinepistole, StG-44 Sturmgewehr 

FG-42, MG-34, MG-42

Flammenwerfer-35, Gr.W.-35 Mortar, Tellermine-42

Hefthohladung Granate, Panzerfaust [various],  Panzershreck RP.ZB-54

WW2 British Small Arms.

WW2 British Small Arms

From top left to right

Enfield No2-MK1 Pistol, Webley MK4-38 Pistol, Browning Hi-Power Pistol

Lee Enfield No4-MK2 Rifle, Sten Gun MK2, Sten Gun-MKV.

Bren Gun MK1, Airborne 2inch Mortar, PIAT Anti Tank Weapon.

Vickers Heavy MG, Mills Bomb Grenade, Hawkins Mine.

Gammon Bomb Device.

WW2 US Small Arms.

WW2 US Small Arms.

From top left to right.

Colt 45-1911, Smith & Wesson 1917 Revolver, M1-Garand Rifle.

M-1903 Springfield Rifle, M1 Para Carbine, M3A1-Grease Gun,

Thompson SMG. M-1918 BAR, Browning 30-Cal MG, 

Browning 50-Cal MG,  M1A1 Bazooka. M2 Mortar, 

M1A1 Flamethrower, MK-2 Grenade.

WW2 Paratrooper Uniforms & Equipment.

WW2 Paratrooper Uniforms & Equipment.

From top left to right

WW2 German Fallschirmjager, this trooper is portrayed from the Italian campaign Monte Cassino 1944, wearing tropical painted helmet, reed green knockensack 

(bone-bag) jumpsuit and armed with FG-42 assault rifle, notice FG-42 ammunition bandolier, normal field grey wool Para trousers and 2nd pat Para boots.

Below is a German Paratrooper equipment load out for ETO campaign, notice camouflaged knockensack, blue water bottle is wrong, normal canteens were issued,

this time armed with MP40 Machine pistol.

2nd image is of a British Paratrooper wearing camouflaged jump smock, armed with Sten Gun, notice Sten Gun bandolier slung over standard webbing pouches

and rimless British paratrooper helmet.

Below is a load out for a British Paratrooper, this time NCO (Sgt), notice camouflaged scrim scarf and toggle rope only issued to Paratroopers and Special Forces

(Commandos), this time the Sten Gun can be identified as a MK-V with wooden stock.

3rd image is of a US Paratrooper from the Normandy campaign, wearing M-42 jumpsuit, notice gas brassard worn on right arm only issued for D-Day 1944.

Armed with Thompson SMG, notice rigger made ammo bag and Airborne issued tan suede gloves, notice first aid bandage tied to helmet, this is wrong as this was not done until the Arnhem campaign later by certain Airborne units.

Below is a load out for a US Paratrooper, armed with M2 Para Carbine with folding stock, notice rigger made small ammo pouches M-1918 fighting knife with 

knuckle duster grip and iconic Airborne issued brown Corcoran jump boots.